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Oakworks DESKTOP PORTAL- prenosiva platforma za masažu

384.90  (2,900.03 kn)

Massage therapy in a briefcase!
The Desktop Portal is a versatile and light (approx. 3 kg) option to take your bodywork practice with you everywhere you go. In no time at all, you can perform treatments on any office or kitchen table (or on your OAKWORKS massage table) with optimal and comfortable client positioning.
Note: the Desktop Portal can also be used for Vitrectomy post-operative ergonomic support

Technical Data:

  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Frame color: black (powder-coated)
  • Includes: QuickLock facerest and carry case (also available without facerest)
  • Available accessories: sternum pad

Your Oakworks guarantee:

  • 5 years warranty on all treatment tables (2 years on The One), Portal Pro and Desktop Portal on the supporting structures against defects in materials or craftsmanship
  • 5 years warranty on upholstery and padding (2 years on The One)
  • 3 years warranty on electrical components
  • 1 year warranty on Face Rest, Face Rest Cozy, Arm Hammock, Table Fleece and on all other accessories
  • 1 year warranty Spa Trolley, Hot Towel Cabi, Table Cart

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