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Oakworks Prone Pillow

146.00  (1,100.04 kn)

The OAKWORKS® Prone Pillow is an affordable solution for both simple prone and supine patient positioning as well as advanced positioning for hi-tech imaging applications. This patented pillow is ideal for basic cranial positioning and contains no metal, making it fully radiolucent and compatible with c-arm imaging systems, CT imaging systems and MRI systems. Oakworks’ advanced lower profile design reduces excessive cervical extension/flexion while the resilient platform provides the optimal support needed to ensure your patient stays comfortable and compliant throughout treatment.

Superior comfort through Bio-Mechanical design

  • superior patient positioning for any size/shape patient
  • soft contact surfaces offer exceptional support
  • design has large vent areas for easy breathing
  • low profile reduces cervical extension/flexion

Proprietary pad system

  • removable pads are easy to clean & less costly to replace
  • vinyl will not crack or split and will last a long time
  • lasting barrier to germs and bacteria
  • Removable pads for easy cleaning and durable polymer platform

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