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Yoga Set FLOW

430.00 kn

Yoga Set FLOW

The BODHI yoga set includes the all basics you need to start practicing yoga:

Delivered in a convenient box:
1 x yoga mat: 183 cm x 60 cm x 5 mm
2 x yoga bricks: 22.8 x 15 x 7.6 cm
1 x yoga belt: 2.5 m x 38 mm

Yoga mat of TPE
A good, non-slip yoga mat is essential for practicing yoga safely and correctly. The 5 mm thick mat provides good cushioning and has a unique, soft surface which offers excellent traction. The environmentally friendly thermoplastic elastomer(TPE) is 100% recyclable and free of latex, rubber or PVC. The mat also contains no toxic softeners, heavy metals or AZO dyes and has been SGS tested.

Yoga bricks of EVA foam
The high-density foam offers safe support for many Asanas. Different heights are possible by simply turning the brick on end or on its side. Wipe to clean.

Yoga belt of cotton
The yoga belt allows for a greater reach with the arms. It can also be used to intensify stretching exercises. Or as a helpful aid in learning difficult poses by allowing a comfortable progression in the learning steps and offering the ability to hold stretches for longer periods. SGS tested.